Technically instructive, challenging and engaging; If you are looking for a pleasant working environment, we welcome you to Çekino.

Çekino Information Technology

Life at Çekino

We care that our colleagues work in a positive environment with strong relationships in cooperation and teamwork and feel part of our Çekino company culture.

We closely follow the development of our colleagues on our journey of success and provide a motivating working environment where new ideas are always encouraged and creativity and success are rewarded.

We are aware of the importance of increasing the development and competencies of our employees in the sustainable success of Çekino.

We provide them coaching and mentoring support from the first day they start working.

We offer enterprise processes and applications that support the differences into tool synergy; we design and perform trainings on technical and personal development issues.

In addition, we support the graduate studies carried out by our employees in our field of work.

We're a team that likes to spend time and have fun together. We come together in our events such as Happy Hour, Hello Summer and Winter Parties, Team Tournaments and Monday Breakfasts.

To be a Çekino Employee

You can email your current resume to address; you can review our open positions in the links below.

Our Recruitment Process

To be a “Çekino Employee“

  • Pre-Evaluation: According to the competencies required by each position, we evaluate the applications made. After the evaluation, we invite the appropriate applicants to meet.
  • Interview and Evaluation: We conduct interviews to evaluate personality inventory, language proficiency (if position requires) and technical qualifications. As a result of the evaluations, we bring the appropriate candidates together with our technical teams.
  • Selection: At the end of all evaluations, we offer a job to the candidate who best suits the qualifications we are looking for.
Internship Process

In order to be a "Çekino Employee", we accept applications from trainee candidates who want to develop themselves as students in the 3rd grade and achieve a career in this sector in the Computer/Electrical and Electronics Engineering departments of the Faculties of Engineering of universities.

We are able to provide internship opportunities to a limited number of students who are successful in our assignments.

You can send your internship applications to address in November-December for the winter period and March-April for the summer period.