Karçin is a family of applications and platforms created by Çekino Information Technologies with its own software development infrastructure.

Çekino Information Technology


End-to-end software architecture

Karçin provides a standards-based approach to modulating software applications and infrastructure.

The proven software model enables application and infrastructure modules to communicate locally, providing a consistent end-to-end software architecture.

Systems made of ready-made modules significantly increase the reuse of software products and solutions and extend their service life and reduce development and maintenance costs.

Each component can be written using different software languages and technologies.


Development with Karçin architecture means service development.It hides the codes of the written services from other services and communicates through well-defined interfaces. Thus, it gives you more freedom to replace small service particles later. This method not only reduces the number of errors; it also facilitates the rapid development of software.


Karçin architecture allows the reuse of many external services in an application.

Adds Dynamics

Karçin architecture can update services instantly and services can be stopped and started.

Karçin DTS

Powerful and scalable

Karçin DTS is a very effective platform for data migration.

  • It enables database transfer, independent from the database.
  • All transfer operations can be scheduled for the desired date and time.
  • Provides the ability to create transfer scenarios, associate these operations with each other, and run them sequentially.
  • Supports Keep Identify, Keep Nulls, Table Lock, and Check Constraints features.
  • Allows you to write advanced transform functions for data transformation.
  • View the table and its relationships on a diagram.
  • Allows you to monitor the transfer status live.

Karçin Report

Quick and Easy Analysis

Karçin Report enables easy analysis and customization by transforming data from already owned sources into visualizations that seamlessly embed into applications.

Karçin Report allows you to create and distribute precise reports on a large scale without coding or leaving the application.

Karçin UI

Glorified and fast interface

Karçin UI is powered by components such as React and TypeScript, includes components to use in the interface development process. Comes with buttons, loading animations, form elements, and similar predesigned components that can help move quickly.

It is a library that allows you to create completely custom designs.

Each component is designed entirely with a mobile priority. Karçin is written in UI, CSS, and JavaScript, which means that all the power of a real programming language is at your fingertips.

Karçin UI can be viewed at https://app.cekino.com/karcin

Karçin Identity Management System

Application security

Identity management software allows users to access and manage applications securely and efficiently. Identity and access management systems are the most important tools that ensure the application of application security policies. Besides security, these solutions also offer important functions in operational efficiency and productivity.

Accessing them without any control creates a security gap for organizations, as applications enable users to access, process and perform corporate processes on raw data. Therefore, who, why, how and when accesses which application must be managed. Organizations that see vulnerabilities arising from application access as threats want to create policies against these gaps and use measures that implement these policies. Identity and access management solutions come into play at this stage of application security.

Karçin Identity Management:

  • Provides scalable solutions for identity management, access management, and directory services.
  • It provides secure authentication by simplifying identity management and provide a single point of access to all your enterprise applications, regardless of user directory (Active Directory, Open LDAP, etc.).
  • Provides real-time auditing and reporting capabilities with detailed reporting and alerts for users' access.
  • It provides detailed reporting of users' access and Single Sign-On support.
  • Supports all digital identity creation standards, including LDAP, SAML, WS-Trust, WS Federation, XACML, OpenID, OAuth, and SPML.

Karçin Mobile

The best solution for applications

Karçin Mobile has been developed with React Native infrastructure and contains components to use in the process of creating mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Components are built with JavaScript, which is supported by animations and has customizable features. Tabs come with a rich component support that adheres to habits specific to search box, card designs, and similar mobile operating systems. Karçin Mobile:

  • It is capable of compiling to all mobile operating systems with single development.
  • Allows native application development.
  • Provides rich interface components.
  • Provides full access to all the features of the device.
  • It's easy to use.

Karçin Log

Storage in one place

Collects and analyzes system logs from various sources and stores their messages in one place. These records can be filtered, viewed, and custom alerts can be set based on time, host name, severity.

Karçin Log Server has the necessary features to output syslog messages accordingly.

It also has daily archiving and cleaning capabilities that help comply with security policies.

  • Offers an advanced dashboard design for filtering and viewing logs.
  • Sends e-mail alerts and enables you to run programs or transmit data when messages arrive.
  • Helps with scheduled log archiving, clearing and compliance for legal regulations.
  • Provides system administrators with instant and quick decision making by creating analysis graphs.
  • Automated log analysis and management speed up detection of potential threats to your system.
  • Offers customizable log processing with Regex processing engine.
  • Regex işleme motoru ile özelleştirebilir log işleme imkânı sunar.
  • Correlates log records from different sources and shows results on powerful dashboard presentations.

Karçin Cache

Private network server

A private network server that acts as a server that saves web pages or the contents of applications locally.

It both speeds up access to data and reduces demand for bandwidth by placing previously requested information in temporary storage or cache.

  • In data centers, it provides sustainable usage of data and integration.
  • Provides real-time data processing using parallel query and live event handling.
  • It provides real-time cache update from basic databases to always ensure accurate application information.
  • Scales applications linearly and dynamically to deliver predictable cost and real-time customer experiences reliably.
  • Provides fast and automated recovery from planned or unplanned outages to ensure continuous data availability.