It is a family of applications and platforms created by Çekino Information Technologies with its own software development infrastructure.

Çekino Information Technology

Custom Software Projects

Each institution has different goals that are formed within itself as a result of the determined mission and vision. In today's world, where the importance of digital transformation is increasing, the needs of institutions are constantly changing in order to achieve internal goals and to always move forward the scale of success in the local and international markets. At the stage of meeting these requirements, special software projects come into play when standard software is not sufficient.

As Çekino Information Technologies, we start the process by analyzing the requests and needs of institutions with our experience of more than 20 years in the sector, while developing special software projects, and then we create a work plan for expectations and needs. With our experienced project team, we complete the project process by providing support to institutions at all stages, from the beginning of the process to integrating the project into internal processes and completing it.

R&D Projects

As Çekino Information Technologies, in preparing projects for grant programs, following up on ongoing projects and project monitoring, in order to benefit from external funds carried out by national and international organizations such as European Union H2020, Eureka ITEA Celtic Ecsel, TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Ministry of Trade and Development Agencies. We provide support to institutions in their processes.

With our experienced project team, we provide information, research, matching, training and consultancy support for national and international grant and incentive support programs in order to benefit from the projects more effectively.

Outsource Personnel Support

We provide solutions with fast and less costly solutions by providing staff support for the business processes needed.

Within the field of the professional support for our qualified staff, we provide and make continuous investments in their training for the continuity with high efficiency.

With Personnel Support:

  • We allow institutions to engage in their main activities, there by increase productivity.
  • By taking on expenses such as health insurance and benefits through recruitment processes such as staff announcements and interviews we save costs and time.
  • We maintain quality maintain quality by providing services with experienced, technically knowledgeable, communication-oriented and teamwork-prone staff.
  • With our expert team, we support our staff in every process, we measure the quality of service with reports together to embrace your process.
  • We share our experience and knowledge with documentation to ensure the continuity of the process.

Database Migration(DTS)

As Çekino Information Technologies, we provide "data migration" service by performing data transfer operations between storage types, formats or computer systems.

ETL, which we created with our product called Karçin is a process management that operates a mechanism for retrieving data from various sources, reshaping, applying business rules, uploading to appropriate target points and verifying results and maintaining the correct data flow.

In those processes, typically involves receiving data in programmed order from one or more sources, performing updates to that data (if necessary), and finally sending the data to a target structure.

Data Migration;

Extract Phase: The data is retrieved from the source and loaded into the pipeline. The source of this data can be a relational database, a file, a web service and an IOT device; most things that can generate or store data can be used as a source in an ETL process. This stage is not necessarily limited to a single data source; in data migration process multiple resources can be used.

Transform Phase: Transformation phase is where data manipulation takes place. Tasks such as data reshaping, data detail level change, data type changes, elimination of duplicates, Standardization of uppercase/lowercase usage, identifying bad or suspicious rows of data, implementing business logic are performed.

The transformation part of ETL is the most challenging and complex part of the process. In fact, for most data movement initiatives, creating data transformations is the most time-taking part of the entire project. Including requirement collection, development, and testing.

The Load Phase: Is the last step of the process. This phase sends the data to structures where it will be permanently stored. All updates are complete when the data reaches the loading stage of the ETL.

ETL process management tool offers solutions to flexible, reusable, sustainable, performance and security issues.

Digital Maturity Consulting

Within the framework of the strategic plan; The whole process of incorporating digital technological developments and opportunities into business paths, processes, competencies and models in a way that will accelerate them and provide efficiency is called "Digital Transformation".

In order to realize this transformation in the healthiest way and to reach the determined target as soon as possible; The process of managing all resources within a certain prioritization and roadmap is called “Digital Strategy”.

The most critical step for organizations to have a successful digital transformation experience and to reveal more value with this process is to know very well where they started and where they want to go. Digital maturity is “the general state of an organization in the process of digital transformation”.

As Çekino Information Technologies, we provide consultancy support to institutions in this transformation process by making the concept of "Digital maturity" measurable, integrated and comparable.

Digital Maturity:

  • Examines, analyzes and appropriately structures problems in the organization.
  • It enables you to create clear, globally agreed goals and plans for the short and long term.
  • It helps organizations evaluate where they are in their transformation journey.
  • It allows businesses to objectively measure their progress during the transformation journey.