About Us

As Çekino Information Technologies, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a leading technology company thanks to our proactive and context-based technologies, data-centered integrated solutions and field experience.

The fact that we are appreciated in many countries around the world, especially in the public and private sectors in Turkey, increases our belief and motivation in this path.

Çekino Information Technology

About Us

We offer products that provide superior and long-term economic benefits.

We combine our experience, core competency in technology and proven methodologies to offer our products and solutions to our customers from different industries.

We offer a system-oriented approach for the rapid detection and analysis of threats occurring within the organization, facilitation of application deployments, next-generation network protection, data security and system visibility.

In addition to the numerous facilitating features of our products and services, we save institutions from the need for more than one software and program.

We develop special solutions for needs.

As long as the products and services offered are at global standards, needs can be met.

Instead of closed and standard solutions, usersprefer solution partners that can integrate, produce flexible solutions, and most importantly, have customizable products.

We are constantly expanding our corporate services as their needs evolve.

We continue to grow rapidly in line with our goals!

The products and services we develop and all the projects we invest in find market areas in many parts of the world.

As Çekino Information Technologies, we have an extensive customer and business partner network in the public and private sectors in Turkey. We also increase our competencies in international markets with our business partners.

We maintain our products and services in 8 countries, 42 customers and 11 sectors.

Our Vision & Mision

Vision: The vision of Çekino Information Technologies is to maintain our leadership in the field of information technologies in Turkey and to be among the international companies by increasing our market share.

Mision: Developing products and services that will lead digital transformationis our mission as Çekino Information Technologies to offer these products and services globally.

Core Innovation: Çekino

With our Professional team of more than 70 in addition to our high-capacity products Gardiyan and Karçin;

  • We develop customized Software Projects
  • Prepare innovative and creative R&D Projects
  • Offer Outsource IT Staff support
  • Digital Maturity Consultancy Contribute to the digital transformation of institutions with
  • Safely perform Database Migration, which includes costly and serious security risks