Gardiyan is a system operation management software that ensures safe monitoring and management in large working networks, informs system managers in line with corporate policies when necessary and ensures that the necessary measures are taken quickly by reporting the problems that occur with network, client and patch management software it comprises.

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Gardiyan; comprises of Network, Report, Patch Management, PAM, FIM, Inventory

Gardiyan Client Management

Monitoring, management, security

Gardiyan is a combined endpoint management and security solution that enables you to manage tens of thousands of servers, laptops, desktops, operating systems independently (MacOS, Linux, or Windows) from a central location at the same time.

On-site or cloud based, Gardiyan enables automation for endpoint management routines such as installing patches, deploying software, monitoring and deploying the operating system, the helpdesk, managing IT assets and software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics and modern management.

With the help of Gardiyan Cloud infrastructure, endpoints have an advanced communication protocol that allows them to be managed from anywhere at any time.

With its wide scope, Gardiyan saves institutions from the need for more than one software and program, and alleviates the legal obligations of institutions by keeping track of personal and corporate data within the scope of GDPR processes, which are difficult to manage for institutions. The Gardiyan understood the needs and was developed to defend against cyber threats.

Why Gardiyan Client Management?
  • It lets you manage any device on your network from anywhere at any time with its easy-to-use UI.
  • It is compatible with legal regulations such as GDPR and GDPR.
  • It is suitable for working in networks such as Local Network, Internet Network, DMZ. It allows you to manage all your endpoint clients located in these networks.
  • It is compatible to work with Active Directory, openLDAP, Novell Directory, Oracle Directory and similar LDAP servers.
  • It provides a complete end-to-end patching solution for Windows and other third-party applications.
  • Network assets can be continuously monitored through data from inventory and file scanning.
  • It can monitor software usage on the network and block apps that are forbidden to use on certain devices.
  • It enables it to monitor portable storage devices with its secure USB feature.
  • It supports remote desktop connections to assist the end user and resolve help desk calls that require technician support.
  • Features such as screen recording, audio and video calling facilities, multi-tech support and remote file transfer are available.
  • It makes it easy for you to install OS for a new machine through OS deployment feature.
What features does the Gardiyan Client Management offer?

The Guardian offers the following features.

  • Operating System Independent (Windows, Linux, Macos) Management of All End-User Computers and Servers from a Single Center
  • Multiple Directory Management
  • Remote Desktop connection
  • Performance Monitoring (Resource Consumption, Tracking of Running Processes, etc.)
  • Software and Hardware Inventory Management
  • System Monitoring (Disk, Network Interfaces Etc.)
  • Script Writing and Running
  • Policy Management
  • Log Management
  • Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • IOT Integration
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Gardiyan Network

Monitoring, Management, Configuring

It is a module that enables monitoring, management and configuration of networked devices (Router, Switch, etc).

  • Network management takes action on network devices instantly (closes port communication on network device) according to vulnerabilities in "server, client and NAC" modules.
  • It ensures that all switches, regardless of brand and model, can be managed and configured from a single center.
  • It monitors and reports the connection status of WAN interfaces on the router.
  • Monitors and reports the service status of services on the router such as VPN.
  • It extracts the network topology over LLDP, periodically repeats the scan, showing changes on the interface, and blocks network devices that are not accepted by the system administrator.

Gardiyan Report

Instant tracking

The Gardiyan not only provides system administrators with quick and easy access to details, but it also helps them keep out a variety of risks. Gardiyan comes with an integrated reporting package that provides a comprehensive list of reports. Gardiyan allows IT administrators to get all kinds of information from their organization in just a few clicks. From information about user sign-in details to network-related inventory, it exports all reports in formats such as PDF, CSV, JSON, ODT, defines them as a scheduled task when necessary and automatically transmits them to contacts at any time. The Gardiyan provides the following reports

  • Scheduled Reports
  • Special reports
  • Query Reports
  • Active Directory Reports
  • User Logon Reports
  • Power Management Reports
  • Configuration Reports
  • Patch Reports
  • Yama Raporları
  • Software Inventory Reports
  • Hardware Inventory Reports

Gardiyan Patch Management

Completely automatic patch management

Complete Automatic Patch Management Solution from Detecting Vulnerabilities to Distributing Patches

Gardiyan Patch Management provides the ability to respond quickly to computer threats.

Gardiyan Patch Management can make it easier to scan the network, identify and download missing patches and deploy them to computers running Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Gardiyan Patch Management is the right tool for uptading applications in less time with more patches.

  • Deploys a patch to affected systems with vulnerability and Inventory-based deployment,
  • Distributes all valid patches with system-based patch deployment,
  • Reports on system vulnerabilities, patches, operating system, etc.,
  • Shows the status of patch deployments.

Gardiyan PAM

Secure Access

On the level of an increasing number of attacks, Basic Privileged Access Management (PAM) creates security controls. Gardiyan PAM provides administrator access with the password box, workflow-based access requests, approvals, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) which is connected to the password vault.

  • Provides privileged access management where shared account credentials are retained or removed. Secure access to these accounts is provided for users, services and apps.
  • It stores application passwords and secret keys, and provides secure communication between applications, databases, and file servers without creating new service accounts.
  • Provides privileged session monitoring and control. Thus, all accesses can be controlled and recorded.
  • Temporary access to privileged roles, shared account credentials and self-service access requests, and remote sessions can be managed with multi-level approvals.
  • It provides secure remote access demanded by a hybrid IT environment with VPN-free access and MFA-based access.

Gardiyan FIM

Complete File Security

Gardiyan File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an IT security process software that tests and checks users who provide access to files within the operating system (OS) or to determine if they are intact. Gardiyan FIM, which provides change control, verifies these files by comparing the latest versions with a known, reliable "root". If Gardiyan FIM finds that files have been modified, updated, or security breach is detected, it can generate alerts to ensure further investigation and, if necessary, corrections. File integrity monitoring includes both reactive (legal) auditing and proactive, rules-based active monitoring.

Compliance with legal requirements such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS require the ability to control changes to the file and monitor and report specific types of activities.

Gardiyan Inventory

Inventory Management Tool

IT Inventory Management is the process of identifying and managing an organization's hardware and software assets. The general collection and reporting of IT assets requires intensive effort and is prone to error. Gardiyan's web-based IT inventory management solution not only helps automate this task, but also provides ready-to-use inventory reports. Using an IT inventory management tool is extremely useful for an IT administrator and greatly helps both software and hardware inventory management functions of computer inventory management.

Gardiyan ATM

Monitoring, Management, Configuration, and Security

Gardiyan ATM is a security solution that securely manages, monitors in real-time, and quickly detects potential risks, producing alarms for ATMs independently of the operating system architecture from a single centralized location. Gardiyan ATM enables the centralized management of thousands of ATMs simultaneously, regardless of the operating system architecture (32-bit, 64-bit).

What Features Does Gardiyan ATM Offer?
  • Enables monitoring and management of ATM peripheral hardware units (camera, printer, etc.).
  • Logs critical level records, generates alarms and notifications when predefined threshold values are exceeded.
  • Allows real-time notification and repair of changing parameters on ATMs through the notification infrastructure.
  • Enables centralized management, configuration, and automatic updates of ATMs regardless of brand and model.
  • Facilitates updating and file transfer by configuring cash files.
  • Allows instant intervention in emergencies through the notification infrastructure.
  • Enables bulk actions by creating collections based on the tracked inventories of ATMs.
  • Ensures uninterrupted communication with all ATMs even with the weakest internet connection through the XMPP protocol with low resource usage.
  • Provides integration capabilities with different ATM models and devices, offering a comprehensive ATM management solution.
  • Remotely manages ATMs, easily distributes software updates, and ensures operational continuity.
  • Monitors physical security measures (temperature, humidity, flood, etc.) and enhances the operational performance of ATMs by detecting issues.
  • Enhances operational efficiency by analyzing ATM performance and helps quickly detect problems.